Paedophilia on the internet symposium.

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Good evening, I'm Ray Martin and welcome to tonight's special edition of 60 Minutes. Featured in the program tonight is an exclusive report on the disastrous effects on the reef's coral bleaching. But first we have a symposium giving us an informative and insightful look at the demoralising effects of paedophilia and child abuse when perpetrated using the internet as a medium. This issue is increasingly pertinent to today's society as we await the decision of the appeal to have convicted paedophile Geoffrey Robert Dobbs, released on the claim that he is cured of this appalling mental perversion. Joining us tonight we have Dr. Adam Graycar, from the Australian Institute of Criminology, Ms. Kris Atkinson, spokesperson for the parent awareness group against paedophilia, Dr. Patrice Dunkirk, paedo psychiatrist specialling in internet sexual abuse and Miss Shavaun Pennington, paedophilia victim. And later on tonight we will be joined by convicted paedophile - Geoffrey Robert Dobbs.

ALYCE: To comprehend the issue of the sexual abuse of children and how it is promoted through the Internet, it is crucial to identify the different definitions of paedophilia and so determine a generally accepted meaning.

Dr Dunkirk, given your experience with paedophilia what would be the psychiatric definition of paedophilia?

Dr D: Paedophilia pertains to the aberration perversion of manifestations and practices of sexual desire that some adults develop for prepubescent children of both sexes. The actual act of sexual abuse is the practice of paedophiles and is defined as the involvement of forcing or persuading immature and dependent children to engage in implicit or explicit sexual acts, whether they be alone or with another person of any age, of the same sex or of the opposite sex. They are activities that violate social taboos and family roles for the purpose of an adult's...