Outline for what happened after Napoleon got defeated and exiled.

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France overthrew its Bourbon king

-Charles X - last king of France; his rule was ended by a short and almost bloodless revolution in 1830

-Charles X

-Ignored both middle-class liberals and Parisian radials

-Tried to rule as an absolute monarch; he had nothing but contempt for a limited monarchy

-Tried to take away the few powers of France's Chamber of Deputies; as a result, riots broke out, forcing him to flee as an exile to Great Britain

-After Charles left, his cousin Louis Philippe became "citizen king" of France, who would share power with the Chamber of Deputies

Britain's middle class won the vote

-Parliament passed the Reform Bill of 1832:

-set up new districts for electing members of Parliament

- before the Reform Bill of 1832, some districts that consisted of empty medieval villages could elect a member of the Parliament, while new cities created after the establishment of the districts with people actually living in it couldn't elect a member of the Parliament.

The reform bill put an end to this injustice

- gave more men the right to vote

- before: only men who owned a certain amount of property could vote

- after: men who paid a certain amount of rent could also vote

- doubled the number of British voters; nearly all middle-class men could now take part in elections

The working class had little power

-in Britain, working class people had no political influence

- Industrial Revolution:

-Began in Great Britain

-Worker's wages rose

- Ordinary people were better fed and better clothed

- Workers began to organize

- Spread across Europe and affected the Ruhr and Rhine valleys in western Germany and Po valley in northern Italy.

- Factories sprang up in cities such as Frankfurt, Cologne, and Milan; radical political organizers...