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Ordinary People

Chapter 1

"...besides, there is no problem. There is just Phase Two. Recovery. A moving forward." (4)

This quote reveals the themes of the story, recovery and the affect of failure. At the start of this novel Conrad had just been out of the hospital for a month, where he was treated. He has just recovered "physically" from a suicidal attempt. His brother, Buck had just passed away about 1 ½ years ago in a boating accident. Conrad totally blamed himself for Buck's death because he was present and feels he did nothing to save his older brother. He carries a burden because of this mishap.

Conrad is trying to get his life back on track and he knows the road to recovery and maturity will be a difficult one. His struggle was to recover mental health. His emotions became the central focus of his problems.

Failure was an emotion that he had encountered.

Conrad's perspective on what happened on the day of his brother's death reflected a change in his attitude and his life. For instance, Conrad knew that he couldn't do anything to save his brother, but he blamed himself anyway. From then on, failure was a set course for him before he even tried anything.

Failure wasn't always a bad thing in this story. For example, when Conrad had the suicide attempt, he failed his parents. They were the ones that gave birth to him, and he is just going to take away his life like it was nothing important. He was being selfish when he slashed his wrist. He didn't think of anyone but himself and didn't even care about the people that he was going to hurt. This mistake leads him to understand that he had been irreverent and will change his...