Oliver Cromwell went from leader to a dictator, people dont like it.

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Cromwell: Leader to Dictator

This is definitely a year to remember. Oliver Cromwell, once thought to be England's savior, was declared Lord Protector after the "Instrument of Government," a constitutional document made by a group of military officers, was brought up. Shortly after this act, Parliament attempted to prepare a new constitution, but was dissolved.

This is very familiar to the past kings of England. Parliament tries to pass a document, but it is dissolved shortly after the attempt. The government, once destroyed in England, is coming back slowly. The reign of the Lord Protector has come, and Parliament has once again been abolished.

Cromwell has now become an undeclared dictator and soon to be painful leader. He has been a good leader to England in war and government, but has made some bad decisions. He has banned theaters and some religious groups from England. England once again has become not so good of a place to live in.

People in England had once thought that Cromwell would be a good extension to England's government. This has sadly not become the case. Cromwell has been a great leader in battle, but to the people he has become harsh. Now, many people think that the end to monarchy was not as good of an idea as they

thought it was. Instead, it is increasingly heard that monarchy would be welcomed back into England when the chance came.

The only people happy with Cromwell at this point are the army. With all of the battles won throughout Europe, the army has nothing to complain about. But this is not the same for the people. With many cultural activities and places banned, and everyone above 14 having to go to church on Sundays, the normal...