Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

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Obsessive-compulsive disorder is a common mental illness in which people feel burdened by unwanted thoughts or forced to repeat troublesome actions. This disorder can become evident during adulthood, but is most common to appear during adolescence. When this disorder appears during those stages of life it is known as Pediatric OCD and it usually manifests itself between the ages of 7-12, through the obsession, compulsion, and it slowly disables a person's life until they get treatment. I will take you through and define the obsession, compulsion, and consequence of the disorder and how it can be treated. [reword? Use a noun phrase also] [good thesis statement with major points]

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Obsessions are defined as a recurring thought that a person considers senseless or terrible but cannot ignore. These recurrent and persistent ideas, thoughts, impulses, or images are usually intrusive and can cause anxiety or distress and are not usually simple worries about real-life problems.

Dr. Jim Chandler, MD, FRCPC took a good example of an obsession case:

An 11 year-old child by the name of Jonathan began doing badly in school and to his parents it was pretty surprising because he had always been a good student. Jonathan knew why, but he was afraid to tell anyone; afraid he would lose his temper and hurt someone he kept his secret to himself. He had a fear that if he did anything with the number "9" he would lose his temper and attack someone. The more he saw the number the more he worried about losing his temper. It took a lot of his time and energy to avoid saying or reading the number nine. This affects him greatly when he does his homework (especially math). He also won't do anything that involves the number, like going...