"Not Wanted On The Voyage" by Timothy Findley.

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The post-modern novel Not Wanted On The Voyage by Timothy Findley employ's phallic symbols and denounces them. The author has chosen to do this because it is an effective way of explaining the masculine power demonstrated in the novel, specifically, the treatment of the symbols. One example that will be explored is the horn of the Unicorn and how it is totally misused in a gruesome and explicit scene. The symbols are employed by the author specifically to be abused. These symbols in our society are considered sacred and unique and ordinarily would not be abused which is why Dr Noyes' actions carry a more substantial meaning.

The authors use of phallic symbols was used for two reasons. Firstly, by employing these along with a biblical story and allowing some of these symbols to interact with the world in mythical ways just ads to the post-modern idea that the past is just a collection of stories.

The author is making the statement that his story is just as plausible as the biblical tale of the ark. The second and more important reason for which symbolism is used is as a means of portraying the male characters, specifically Dr Noyes. Throughout the novel, it is made clear as to which gender is dominant and expressed many times; "We are all governed by an Edict. We are the last of the human race. We are all in service here, to that fact. And your service is to Japeth Noyes."(page 270 Findley). Another instance is when blame is placed on Emma for Japeth's imperfections.

The mistreatment of the symbols specifically the unicorn horn are actions to demonstrate masculine power in the novel. Modern society cherishes these symbols and recalls them in many happy and glorious narratives. The mistreatment of such cherished symbols is...