"My Theory on Death Of a Salesman" I read the play and gave a summary of the story and what I thought it meant to me.

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My theory on Death of a Salesman

This play by Arthur Miller had very many different types of conflict that gave off different meanings to the audience. Throughout this story a man is watching everything he has worked for and done all his life be taken away from him. He can't bond with his son because of an injustice he put on him long ago. He states at times that he is a well liked man, and you can go to different places and say his name and get anything you need or want. He thought that if you were a well liked person you could get away with anything. He passed this theory on to his children. They were told you do not have to work hard, just be good at sports and be favorable in the ladies eyes and you can get anything you want out of life.

This fact hurt his children's future in the sense they respected their father this much to think they could get by just by doing this. This man died in vein because all of the things he had hoped for never came true.

Willie was a great father in the eyes of his sons. They pictured their father as one of the great men at that time. They looked to him for advice and help in all their situations that came their way. Willie was a good man to a certain extent, but he had flaws as we all do. Biff, Willie's son, came to him for help in school. He wasn't going to graduate if he didn't pass math. This made Willie proud his son came to him for help on something like this. He wanted his father to talk to the teacher so he could pass the class. On...