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The creature walked through the deserted town of Samadie. Her legs felt

strange. She was used to sand and rocks; the...grass, she heard...was to much

for her. They tickled her pawed feet. She heard a noise behind her. A human

girl ran out from a... what is it...bush. The child, not knowing what this

creature was or where it came from, ran behind her and clucthed her leg. A

spike fiend was chasing her. The vile creature jumped at the creature, claws

extended. The beast was killed with two cracks of her whip. The child looked

up at the beast which saved her life. The girl child was no older than two.

She had long, blond hair and brown eyes. Her light blue dress was ripped and

tattered. The creature had pointed ears, paws, and legs that bent forward and

then backwards. "What are you?" said the girl, "Uh, who are you?" "I am

Charon," said the monster, "The saber cat."

"Sabercat? But, you come from the

desert, don't you?" "Yes," said Charon, her tail going limp. "I made the

mistake of going through some portal to get away from..." Her voice went low.

"Diablo. He changed my sisters into monsters. I was the only one to get

away." Her tail was dropping lower than it seemed possible. "Picha Pichara,"

said the girl in amazement. A monster with a heart. 'Picha Pichara' meant

'Spell of Apocolypse', but she didn't know that. She thought it sounded cool,

so she said it she was surprised. She looked at Charon. She was humming a few

bars from 'Come Sail Away'. "I'm..." began the girl. Her voice dropped when

Charon looked at her with burning voilet eyes. "Hortence. Your eyes are

purple!" "Oh," said Charon, "It's a birth defect. Hortence, huh?" she...