My Country Is At War With Palestine October 20, 2003.

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Most US citizens, if asked, would be surprised to learn that their country is at war with the country of Palestine. They wouldn't be aware that Palestine is a country. They've heard of the West Bank and Gaza, not as parts of Palestine, but as territories where Palestinians live, which Israel occupies. They assume the territories were never part of any country and that it is natural for Israel to occupy them.

US citizens haven't heard of US soldiers being sent to Palestine. How, then could there be a war? They are ignorant of the massive support being given to Israel, with their taxes. They are unaware that the US has such power that it can attack another country simply by creating and supporting a compliant power within that country, and let that power do its bidding.

When a country is erased from history, absurdities abound. War cannot be declared against a country which doesn't exist.

When people flee such a country and become refugees, how does one account for them; how does one name them? What does one do with the map, the homes, the culture of the people who lived there before and continue to live there? Palestine is such a country.

Since Zionism began its patently insane program of eradicating the indigenous people of Palestine -- beginning officially with the founding of Israel in 1948 -- some 5 million refugees have been forced from Palestine into the rest of the world. The US is very much involved in the issue of Palestinian refugees because its sponsorship of Israel in large part created them.

But because the US war against Palestine is covert, the US must come up with false pretexts for its persecution of Palestinian refugees who have brought the struggle to liberate Palestine to the source...