Motivation Techniques.

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Motivation Techniques

I worked for a company for two years and it was a motivational disaster. I have

worked in the retail business since high school. And I have noticed many similarities in

these companies. Most of them did not understand how to motivate their employees.

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Their idea of motivation was ruling with an iron claw. Since attending college and

learning that people truly have different needs. And if their needs are not taken care of

productivity of any organization will decline. The last organization I worked for do not

treat their employees as equals.

Instead mangers would use this philosophy, I am in

charge so do as I say otherwise quit know or forever hold your peace. This was not a

healthy organization to work for. There was a high turnover rate and mangers kept

wondering why their employees were constantly calling out sick. This problem needed to

be handled right from the top of the organization. Unfortunately, the

organization did not take care of the matter when I was working there and this was when

I knew it was time for me to move on. Hopefully, the organization can realize that they

have a problem before its is too late. Most people are driven when they are working in a

healthy organization.

There are people out there in the workforce that believe they are obligated to do

their best at their job simply because that is what is...