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It was a quiet day in the town of Hickibob. Herb just got home from his job down at the plant and was very anxious just to

plop himself down on the couch and have a beer.

'Honey will you get me a beer?' Herb exclaimed.

'Sure thing Herb. So honey how was your day at the plant?'

'The same as every other day. The boss is always on my case about something.'

'Don't worry honey, soon as we win that lottery you can quit your job at the plant,' Suzy replied kiddingly.

'Ya sure, like that will ever happen.'

The next day Herb's son Mark comes home from school with a black eye.

'Son what happened?' Herb frantically exclaimed!

'I got the snot beat out of me because we don't have much money and they don't like the clothes I wear. Oh, and they

also said you were a bum.'

'Don't you go listening to them son they don't know what there talking about. I'll phone the school and get this

straightened out.'

Suddenly Suzy came screaming into the living room.

'Shout up Suzy I'm trying to get a hold of the school!'

'Herb we just won the lottery!' Suzy being very thrilled.

'What! how much?' Herd excitedly replied.

They then phoned the lottery headquarters. The people at the main office said they'd have to fly to Winnipeg to receive

their money. The next day they were off to Winnipeg. After they got home they decided they were going to start a whole

new life. They were moving to Beverly Hills.

'I can't wait to leave, we'll start our whole live over and never have money problems again,' replied Suzy.

'The best part of it is I'll never have to work another day,' replied Herb.

'Ya and no...