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I think magical movies are always a cool thing to watch. Magical movies let people see things that they wish could only happen in their dreams. It also lets people go to a fun time and act like a kid. The down side of magical movies is that sometimes it way to fake and ends up looking stupid. In all I enjoyed the movie.

One of the strengths of the movie was how it was able to make things happen that people always wish could happen. One example was when Queen Mab used her magic to make Merlin part human and part wizard. Later on in the movie, Merlin was trying to help Guenivere when she had left her group and got stuck in quicksand. Merlin was able to use his magic to make the stick grow and pull her out. Merlin used his power for good, but Queen Mab used it to hurt people.

People also get to use their imagination in these movies. You are able to see talking horses, people change their age and use magical swords. Merlin had a horse that he rose and was able to talk to him while riding. The Queen of the lake had a magical sword called Excalibur that was used in battle for good. Swords like that are things people use in imagination when fighting. Another thing people imagine about is being able to change their age. At the end of the story Merlin changes Guenivere and himself back to a younger age so they can grow old together.

People loved to be able to go back and act like a kid again. In the movie it shows using magic , witch kids dream about. Merlin is also able to see into the future about what is going...