Men Rule the World.

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Men Rule the World

From the beginning of time men have been more superior and powerful than women. For thousands of years, men have prevailed and conquered just about every aspect of life. During that time, it hasn't been hard to recognize that the male figure has proven to be supreme and has dominated over women in sports, religion, and government.

Man is essentially synonymous with, "sports." Although women's sports are more prevalent today, male athletes dominate. Women are much more athletic than years ago, however, since sports have been established, men have been the leading gender of the games. For instance, I remember in a physical education class when the males were picked for teams first. Also, when I was younger, we only had male basketball teams. In general terms, when have you ever heard of a woman rushing for more than 200 yards in a professional football game? How about a woman being inducted into the Hall of Fame? Although we do hear about women in professional sports, such as hockey, golf, and basketball to name a few, they do not receive nearly as much media coverage as men's sports.

Since men have had preeminence in sports, they have also had a controlling power in religion.

Religion has been an extensive part of a man's domain. When I think of religious leaders, male figures immediately come to mind. For example: The Pope, Martin Luther King, and Billy Graham are just to name a few. Also, I think of the great Shawnee brothers, Prophet and Tecumeseh, who were powerful leaders in the 1800s. I asked someone once, "Who wrote the Bible?" I was told it was a group of male scholars. The pictures that we see of God they are portrayed as manlike. Women were not considered equal to...