Man vs. Woman.

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English 101

Contrast and Compare Essay

14, October 2003

Man vs. Woman

Why is it that men find passing gas humorous? It is a natural body function and everyone has to do it. Women for the most part, keep it to themselves or excuse themselves. This is, I believe what has been happening through out centuries, among other "stereo types".

Men find natural body functions very funny; they even bring their sons into the mix. Women have been thought to be prim and proper; and that it shouldn't happen to us. I don't understand what is so amusing about the sounds that are made by our bodies. It has been known in my family to have the men find it very amusing to go on an intercom system in a store like Kmart and pass gas. While the women sit back, blush and try to find a place to hide.

Why is it that men are taught to go out and hunt, be a protector, and to provide? While women are taught to cook, clean, care for the children, and be passive and demure. In resent history the gap has closed a lot; men and women share a lot of these responsibilities together. Women are taking more and more of the men's roles. Not because we want to, but because we have to.

Men used to have all the say in what happened in a family, in the government, and in life in general. Women were to do as told and to not ask questions. Men ran all of the businesses, households, schools and just about everything else in the world. It was ok for a man to beat his wife and children because in a sense they were slaves. When a woman was widowed she was expected by...