Lord of the Flies by Golding - Literary Breakdown

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1. IRONY- a saying, happening, or situation that is apparently contrary to what is intended or desired.

a) Fire with intent to kill ended up being the reason for rescue- When pursuing Ralph, Jack ordered the forest to be set on fire, to either kill him or force him out into the open. 'He (Ralph) heard a curious trickling sound and then a louder crepitation as if someone were unwrapping great sheets of cellophane. A stick snapped and he stifled a cough. Smoke was seeping through the branches.' (Pg. 215, 2nd Para.) This proved to be their saving grace, as a naval boat saw the smoke, and came to the boys' rescue, just in time to save Ralph. 'We saw your smoke. What have you been doing? Having a war or something?' (Pg. 221)

b)Young, Savage warriors were reduced to children in the presence of an adult- The same tribe who killed Simon and Piggy, and who were hunting Ralph down to kill him, began to sob like babies.

The mere sight of an adult made them realize what they had done, and could never undo. 'The other little boys began to shake and sob too.' (Pg. 223, Para. 2)

c)The once respected leader became a hunted outlaw- Ralph, who in the beginning was almost unanimously voted chief, was pursued and hunted by the very boys who voted for him. 'They hate you Ralph...They're going to hunt you tomorrow.' (Page 201)

d)Simon, who discovered that there was no beast, was killed as the beast- The mystic Simon, who Bravely marched to the supposed 'beast' found that it was a dead pilot. When he ran to tell the boys this, they went into a frenzy and beat him to death. 'That was Simon...That was murder.' (Pg. 172)

e)The main savages:...