Locational Analysis of Boston Pizza

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>Problem Statement:

> Boston Pizza International Inc. is a Canadian owned and operated

>restaurant. It has many facilities in Canada and has opened facilities in

>the United States and in Southeast Asia. Boston Pizza is penetrating

>further into the Canadian market and is opening at a new location on 8th

>Street in Saskatoon. The chosen location has been the home of many previous

>restaurant failures. It seems odd that any restaurant would want to open in

>a location which has proven to be unsuccessful. What characteristics does

>Boston Pizza have that other restaurants don't have that may allow this

>location to be successful? This new location will be the second Boston

>Pizza franchise in Saskatoon, complimenting the facility operating on 50th

>Street. Will the market areas of these two restaurants overlap?

>* * * * *

> The early beginnings of this restaurant occurred in Edmonton,

>Alberta. In 1963 the first Boston Pizza and Spaghetti House opened.


>name of the restaurant is seemingly odd because Boston is the name of a city

>in the United States, and has nothing to do with a pizza restaurant located

>in Edmonton. Ron Coyle, the original owner, named the restaurant 'Boston'

>because the Boston Bruins NHL hockey team was the favorite of the Edmonton

>area in the 1960's and he wanted his business to use sports as a promotion.

>Another reason, which may have been more of a coincidence, was that his

>accountant's surname was Boston ('only way', 37).

> Boston Pizza and Spaghetti House became a popular restaurant and in 1968 it

>began to operate as a franchise. In mid-1968, Jim Treliving, a former drum

>major for the RCMP, and his friend Don Spence bought the franchising rights

>for British Columbia with the exception of Vancouver. They opened their

>first unit in...