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The Organization

Loblaw Companies, formed in 1921, is Canada's largest wholesale and retail food distributor, with operations across the country through company operated stores (corporate stores), franchised independent stores (franchised stores), associated stores and by servicing independent accounts.

63% owned by the George Weston Group, Loblaw's goal is to provide high returns to its shareholders through a combination of share price appreciation and dividends. To this end, it follows a number of operating principles. It concentrates on food retailing with the objective of providing consumers with the best one-stop shopping for everyday household needs. It maintains a significant program of reinvestment in and expansion of its existing markets. It is highly selective in acquisitions and continues to invest in products and technology. This makes Loblaw the #1 food retailer in all of their markets with about 26% of the national grocery market .

Loblaw has developed a highly successful line of controlled label products that are sold in its corporate stores, franchised and associated stores and are available to its independent customers, which includes the line of President's Choice products.

In addition, whenever practical, remodelled or expanded stores now include new departments such as photo labs, pharmacies, dry cleaners, video merchandise, greeting cards, floral, apparel, prepared foods and, most recently, financial products and services offered through the President's Choice Financial Services.

Loblaw is one of the largest private employers in Canada with over 114,000 employees throughout the business. Loblaw believes providing secure employment can best be met in a stable, low cost operating environment in which everyone associated with the company accepts the need to continuously improve their ability to serve the customers.

How has the Organization been Successful?

The numerous factors contributing to Loblaw's success will be examined. The mission at Loblaw is, "To build a business that...