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Not once is there a boring moment in my house! That's because of my dog Lobito.

Unlike other families that have a human sometimes being the clown of their family, in

my family my dog Lobito is the clown. He has got to be the funniest dog alive. From his

jealousy fits, and his way of picking fights with the rest of the dogs to his no stop playing

with his stuffed animals.

Well the best place to start would be by describing his way of fighting with other

dogs. He's straight out of one of those movies where there saying " hold me back". No

matter how big the dog is he will challenge him. This would be great if he actually

followed through with his threat but he doesn't. He has this funny habit that when were

holding him back from another dog, his bark starts getting louder.

While holding him

back he tends to pull and yank hard, and almost say "let me at him". The funny part is

when we actually do let him go, he's surprised we let him go , and gives us this look like

hey hold me back! Another thing that goes along with his fighting techniques, are his day

dream desires of being a security dog. We have this one dog named Pinto that Lobito

hates with all his heart. Being that Pinto is alot older and bigger than Lobbito , Lobito

never dares raise a bark at Pinto. But don't ever tell Pinto to go outside the house,

because as soon as Lobito hears the words "Pinto outside", hell breaks loose. Lobito will

come tearing around the corner like if he heard Puppy Chow was going to be on sale. He

starts barking and yelping right behind Pinto with...