Is life valuable.

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Is life valuable, is it right to take the life of somedy, are there any kinds of situationwhere life is less valuable ? Here are some questions that we should all answer before having any kind of opinion about abortion and death penalty.

Life is the greatest thing that any individual can have received and profit from. No life is more valuable than another. Knowing and believing this affirmation, abortion should never happens. But is it as simple as that. If every single life is evenly valuable, Killing a feotus or a baby should never be considered. But what about if the mother is about to die to give life to his baby. Who should profit of the valuable life principle. Society have taugh people to never risk their life to save another one, what policemen and firemen do. Returning to our mother that is about to give birth, should we value the baby's life or the one of his mother ? And if she is only 3-4 months pregnant, is your opinion the same ? Does a mother suffering of a nonwanted pregnancy have the right to kill his baby ? Where do we draw the line ? Is the society right to allow women to abort ? Suffering 8-9 months is nothing compared to the entire life of a human.

But is the baby or the feoteus really living? For sure there is life in it but can we consider that as a complete human life ? Yes his heart is still beating but the baby is not seeing, hearing and feeling anything. So can we say that he got the taste of life. In my opinion, abortion have his place in our society. I put more value on life quality than on life quantity. As example...