"Let's Eat Out" is an essay on why high school students should have open lunch

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Let's Eat Out

Imagine being confined in the same building, five days a week, for seven hours a day, with no chance of leaving the building. Now imagine being in a building, five days a week, for seven hours a day, with the opportunity to leave for forty-five minutes to grab something to eat, catch a breath of fresh air, and laugh with your friends. Which environment would you prefer? The students of North High School have seven classes to attend, which are fifty minutes long, and somewhere in between they have a twenty-five minute lunch. All high schools should have open lunch for several reasons.

North is really crammed for space. In fact, we are so packed in that we switched from two open lunch hours, to five closed lunches just so we have enough room in the cafeteria. Surprisingly enough, there is still not enough room in the cafeteria for all the students.

When it is warm, students can eat outside in the lovely courtyard that is swarming with bees. Regardless, there are always students eating in the hallway. Eating my food off the floor where numerous shoes have previously stepped, doesn't sound clean or healthy to me. In fact, there are some days when the floor is so dirty that we can't eat in the halls because it would be breaking a health code. Open lunch would clear out half the students, keep the hallways clean, and we wouldn't have to have so many lunches.

As a high school student, I never have time to eat breakfast before school. So by the time lunch comes around, most students are hungry. Lunch time is not only a time to eat, but also to be with your friends or do some make-up work. Twenty-five minutes is just enough time...