Lessons leared, a compare and contrast for English composition I . compare and contrast the actions of two different parents and the positive. influences it has on their children

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Lessons Learned

People deal with the hardships of life in different ways. Some people are strong and can take the punches that life throws at them, others may struggle to get back up. The mother from the story, 'The Kitchen' and the father from the story, 'My Fathers life' are great examples of how one parent may be positive while another parent is negative. However different the two parents are they thought their children a valuable lesson about life; No matter how hard life gets it is always worth trying and making an effort to go on.

Both parents have had a painful past. The mother from 'The Kitchen' lived through the holocaust. Although she lived through the holocaust, her parents, family, and friends did not. The mother struggled inside with the thoughts of all of the people that were lost. The father from 'My Fathers Life' survived the great depression .his

parents almost starved to death before he was able to find work and move them to the town where he was living .Later his parents die within six months of each other.

Having lived through some great tragedies, the mother from 'The Kitchen' and the father from 'My Fathers Life' cope in very different ways. Although the mother struggled with her pains, she had the ability to escape her pain in a positive way. The mother ran her own dress making business out of her kitchen. The mother stayed up most nights working; As the author of the story 'The Kitchen' remembers "when I went to bed at night, often she was still there , pounding away at the treadle, hunched over the wheel, her hands steering a piece of gauze under the needle with...