About King Charles and his decaputation, some creative interviews included.

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The End of Charles

Today was a day of happiness as well as pity. Former king of England Charles I was executed today after his trial. This day has marked everyone's heart as a day of liberation as well as sadness. The liberation of the people from a king is finally here and many are happy. Parades were held today to honor our new leader, Oliver Cromwell, after he defeated the forces of King Charles I. But today brought tears to everyone's eyes that watched the execution of the former king. Charles came to the execution with no fear in his face. After being tried he was condemned to death by Parliament. He was condemned as "a tyrant, traitor, murderer, and public enemy." After this he declared to his foes that he was "a martyr of the people." This brought only hate to his side before he was taken to the executioner.

His fearless face only showed that he believed he had done nothing wrong to the people. Sadly to his part, this only brought more hate and dishonor to him before his death.

The thing that brought tears to the eyes of the crowd was the courage that he had brought with him to the execution. He told the executioner that he would give the sign for him to strike. After this he said a quick prayer and was ready. He placed his neck on the block and a tear came from his eye. This was a sign that he had returned to being a human. Then, the signal was given. The entire crowd was silenced as the executioner raised his axe. When the axe came

down, the sound of slicing meat and bones stunned the crowd as the former king's head hit the basket with a loud...