The Kidnapping of Aaron Greene.

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The Kidnapping of Aaron Greene

Terry Kay

Part One:

In terry Kay's novel the characters are living in a hurried urban setting, the kidnapped is

involved in a complex plot against the human social environments of greed and apathy. The

outcome of the novel depends on the caring of a city for a nameless boy, and ultimately on how

much a single human life, the life of a random "Joe Schmoe", is worth.

Part Two:

The novel enters on the life of Aaron Greene heading to work. He works for the Century

National Bank in Atlanta. He is emersed in the morning crowd, a group of people grumpy and

unfeeling in the early bus ride into the city. He sits with a man who is oblivious to Aaron, has no

care for his discomfort and has spread his umbrella perilously close to Aaron's quarters. He is too

busy to be bothered.

He recalls a morning earlier when an umbrella had been opened carelessly

and had poked an onlooker in the eye. The nameless business man stared at the screaming woman

with contempt and walked hurriedly away. This is the scene with which Aaron is another nameless

part. Aaron must walk to his job from the station, and it is raining. He forgot his umbrella. A car

pulls up in the hurried street and calls Aaron by name. He is quiet, an introvert, very tranquil in

nature, but he is afraid of others. He is simply that shy. The driver, Alyse offers him a ride,

offering the rain as a front and the fact that he delivers her mail. He does not know her, but gives

consent gradually and gets in. This is the beginning of a turnaround in his life. He had been

abducted, but does not know why or...