A keychain sits on a desk in room F112.

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A key chain sits on a desk in room F112. The key chain occupies a mass in space of 11 grams. The object expands 1.1 cm in length. Two rings that interlock arise from the top of the figure. The rings have a diameter of 1cm for the top ring and 5 mm for the bottom ring. Below the rings, a head, hair and a face present themselves. The head spans 1cm in diameter. From the head sprouts wheat field blonde hair in pigtails. The pigtails fall to the shoulders of the figure. Bangs frame the top of face to the length of 6mm. Two ears protrude out of the side of the head to the length of 2mm each. On the face two eyes come to pass in a closed fashion. The eyes offer half circles that dip 2mm each, and land right below the bangs. A nose of 1mm protrudes from between the two eyes.

Curling up in the corners, a smile projects the image of a semi-circle. Below the face, two arms, a shirt radiating the color of a red delicious apples showing off a silver star containing the letter "f" occur. The two arms, bent at 95-degrees angles, have the light shade of beige. The arms extend 3mm; they then bend and measure 5mm. The arms go into the pockets of the figure's pants. The shirt stretches to a length of 8mm from the shoulders and extends horizontally 6.5mm at the waist. The star's points explode from the center of the star 3mm each. The "f" in the center of the star in the center of the shirt raises upward 2mm. A seam at the zipper measures 2mm. Located on each side of the pants, a pocket measures a 1mm half circle. The pants reflect...