"Just Around the Bend".

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Just Around the Bend

"Turn left, now pull over right here. Congratulations, you passed your driver's examination." It was the day I had been looking forward to my whole life - my driver's license. In other words freedom, no more rides to dances, parents picking up my dates, or arguing on who's mom was going to bring us to the movies. Although with driving comes paying for gas and insurance, at the time none of it seemed to matter. It wouldn't be long until I realized how wrong I was.

For as long as I can remember though, driving seemed like a fantasy just outside my grasp. When I first set foot into my big wheel truck at the age of six, I knew that driving was right for me. It was exhilarating, a high that I never wanted to come down from. For many years my Big Foot power wheels truck was as close as I could get to the open road.

As my schedule became busier and busier, rides became harder and harder to come by. My mother had to drive me everywhere. Everyone knows how the story goes, "Mom could you drop me off here?" I was one of those kids, doing everything I could not to be seen getting dropped of by my mother. The days she did drive up were the worst. The back of my neck would get all tingly and my clenched fists would start to saturate. Years drew closer and quickly turned into months. Then came the Holy Grail of an unlicensed driver, the permit. Wow, it's all at my fingertips now. Every time I would get behind the wheel I could taste the freedom. It came to the point where I was nearly

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infatuated with it. Finally, the words...