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Journey's end by RC Sherriff

The stage directions in Journey's end at the beginning of the extract are of utmost importance because they use a lot of imagery and symbolism, which later is linked back to this extract, at eth end of the play, there is a candle on the table which gets blown out, symbolising the doom and death of the men. In the stage directions it mentions the sunset,

"towards sunset......light that slowly fades with the sinking sun"

This symbolises the fore coming death that is looming, the light imagery within the play shows this.

Sherriff's stage directions suggest that Stanhope is anxious and nervous, he paces too and forth suggesting anxiety and displacement.

"he glances at his watch."

He is worried for the time and is trying to plan the day ahead. He is agitated, worried, this character is mean to be calm and confidant, he is a strong leader, this represents the war at this time, that even the leaders were unconfident dismal, scared for their lives and a loss of all idealism and brotherhood.

If the leaders of the war had little hope it was bound to show the despair in those lower in the ranks. Already at the beginning at the extract we can see that things are not going to e good to follow, the whole passage is one of doom and looming death.

Stanhope asks the Colonel if there was any news, he is referring to a request of a change in plans on the ground above but his request was denied because of his lack of authority. Stanhope is reluctant to follow orders as he knows that it will surely result in death of his men. The colonel's reaction is one of that with little surprise and it seams he shares...