"The Journey" RP Story.

Essay by Narthil October 2003

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The Journey

"Alathorn finds a book upon a table, its cover torn and ragged as if it had been seen water for many days... possibly weeks"

Listen to my tale, for I am Lord Narthil, protector of the flame of Marinoth. My father, the noble Narthilion, legendary warrior, founder of 'The Order of Largon' once told me, 'I ban thee from all vice for the path of virtues thou must follow'.

At first I had little knowledge of what these words meant, but now I truly understand them. It all started on my trip to the Buccaneer's Den, beautiful island full of riches, but the truth be that of crime ruling the site.

I got tired of seeing criminal acts and no guards to administer justice for them, so I walked to the shore, looking to free my mind of the chaos that ruled the island, suddenly a crimson ghost went into a blue portal, I had heard of these before but had never seen one, I stepped in, but to my surprise I saw a dreaded shrine.

A local came up to me and said 'T'is the Shrine of Chaos'. When he was saying those words I noticed him peeking into my belongings, meanwhile I found myself walking towards the shrine, and then I bounced off it as if there were a magical wall, some kind of sorcery blocking my path, stopping me from going any further, standing between me and this shrine.

Coming back to my senses I noticed the local who had stolen my gold in the blink of an eye, without me even noticing, coming back to me impressed of what had just happened. After recovering my pouch of gold, I asked him.

'What be this evil sorcery?' and he replied,

'Only those whom possess...