John Paul Jones.

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Who is John Paul Jones? John Paul Jones is the idol of many people in the American Navy today. I shoce this topic because it was intresting in some way. I may discover that he went to jail numerious times, went to court for munity, and if he had a wife.

The book that I use for rearchearch is called John Paul Jones by Evan Thomas. The problems that I encounter was there wasn't any one that can take me to the libary and I lost my larbiary card. I had enought materials to reaserch the biography of John Paul Jones.

John Paul Jones was the father of the American navy. He commanded before he was the captian of the bonnehome richard was 2 slave ships, 3 mershant ships, and 1 British Navy ship. On one of his voiages he was accused for murder. He was sent to jail, but he could leave and gather eveence that he wasn't involved with ine of his seamen's death.

He gathered enought evedence that he wasn't involved with the death and he was releced but with only embrassment faceing him.

Jones was a good freind of Ben Fraklin so Ben gave Jones a ship. The frst thing Jones did was tke it to france, there is where he would revounze with La Fayyet's ships to attack the British coast. The first atempt to reach London failed because there were strong winds that forced 3 of the ships to land back in France. The second attempt was scussful and they were near London. There Jones and some of his crew sneked onto land and was spying for any naval ship that they can deafeat or capture.

One of Jones's crewmember squeled and gave away the plans that Jones was excuilting. All of...