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John Lennon was a great song writer and musician. He played the rhythm guitar, the piano, and sang. He was in the most popular group in the history of rock music. In 1959, John founded this group, called The Beatles.

The original Beatles were John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Pete Best.

Brian Epstein became the manager of the Beatles in 1961. Epstein made many changes in the group. John rebelled and did not want to 'package' and 'clean up' the group in order to please fans. These changes were made anyway despite John's protests.

The Beatles had signed a contract with EMI records and were beginning to record with them. On August 16, 1962, Pete Best, the drummer was suddenly fired from the group. Ringo Starr was inducted into the Beatles two days after Best was fired.

John Lennon and Paul McCartney shared the credit of songs written by either one of them.

The credit simply read Lennon-McCartney. The two as song writers were a perfect mix. John had a quick artistic sense and he was easily excited by new challenges, he projected a sarcastic and rebellious tough-guy personality, who was actually a vulnerable romantic. While Paul projected the sweet image and who was underneath an injured, controlling, perfectionist.

By 1964, The Beatles arrived at JFK Airport. They were greeted with mass hysteria. Two days later, more than 73 million people watched them perform live on the Ed Sullivan Show. Four weeks later, The Beatles held the top five music singles in America at the same time.

John was influenced by many things in 1965-1966 such as psychedelia, marijuana, and Bob Dylan. Many felt that these years were the best song writing years of John Lennon's life.

1966---The Beatles had been touring for over four years, and...