John Gotti, the head of the largest Mafia family in history. His life fromhis birth until his cinviction for murder

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You are about to hear about the life of John Gotti,

from his birth in New York, to his becoming the head of

the largest Mafia family in history. I will tell you about

his life from the time of his birth until his conviction

for murder. There is not enough information available to

tell you everything, but I will tell you what I can.

John Joseph Gotti was born into one of the poorest

families in New York on October 27, 1940. His father was a

sanitation worker, his Mother didn't work. John was the

youngest of five children. Their was barely enough food to

go around, and meat was a luxury, only to be eaten once a

week. The only clothes he had, were hand-me-downs from his

older brother (Davis 60-61).

As a child John impressed his teachers as having

an uncontrollable temper. A trait which he would someday

value. He was constantly getting into fights with older

boys who tried to take his lunch money. He soon got the

reputation as one you didn't cross for fracturing an

older boys skull in a classroom. Gotti began running with

smalltime gangs at the age of twelve, after noticing a

mobster named Albert Anastasia. He soon joined a street

gang called the Fulton-Rockaway Boys (Davis 61-63).

At the age of 16 Gotti dropped out of school, and

began to model his life after Anastasia. John got a job

with the gang he had earlier joined, as a debt collector.

He was required to bust a lot of heads to complete his job.

This got him noticed by Angelo Bruno, who was a soldier

under none other than Anastasia. John was required to do

many odd jobs for Bruno.(Davis 63-64).

In 1957 Carlo Gambino had Anastasia killed(Davis 72).

Gambino took...