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The year of revolution was at hand and the land was split into two sides. These two sides saw no resolution and became enemies. Two groups had formed out of the Revolution, the Tories (loyal to England), and the Whigs (favoring independence). In the beginning the two groups lived in peace and unison. Among these two groups lived two families, the McCreas and the Joneses. Among the McCreas was a woman named Jane. Jane McCrea was a form fitting, hazel eyed woman with long chestnut hair that had come from New Jersey after the remarriage of her father. The Joneses had a son, David, who would fall in love with the neighbor, Jenny McCrea. The two families were against the romance, but neither did anything to bring it to an end.

As the life of these two families went on, things intensified between the Tories and the Whigs. In June of 1777, General Burgoyne ordered a plan that would accelerate the victory of the British.

His plan entailed a 3 way strike on Albany that would split the colonies indefinitely. Jane's love for David increased and she would wait for him as soon as he would return from his expedition. She had also received a letter from David from a messenger which told of how she was to be with David.

Time passed, and David was still with the expedition, wondering what General Burgoyne's next move would be. Burgoyne passed through up-state NY, and then headed for Albany. His plan was cut short when he had to stop for supplies in Skenesborough. As the British were here, Jones sent another letter out to Jane telling her of all the happenings and that he was to join her at Fort Edward. Jones was confident that he would meet up with...