"Jane Eyre".

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The novel "Jane Eyre" has been a book of many generations. It is very well written for the time it was portrayed. The sorrow and defeats a person goes through in their life is brought to the surface in "Jane Eyre", causing this novel to be a great book for college students to read in this day and time.

Jane Eyre lost both her parents at a very young age, and was left to be raised by her mother's brother. Mr. Reed brought this parentless child into his home at Gateshead. He was raising Jane as she was his own. Mr. Reed tragically passed away. On his death bed he made his wife promise to keep raising Jane as she was raising her own children. Mrs. Reed perceived Jane as a problem rather than a child. Though Mrs. Reed gave Jane food and shelter, she neglected and mistreated her. Jane never really felt like she was loved.

The day has come for Jane to leave Gateshead. Mrs. Reed is sending her away to a school they call Lowood. We all have fears of leaving what we are familiar with, whether it is a good or bad situation. Jane is made to overcome these fears and enter the walls of Lowood. The teachers at Lowood were informed that Jane was an ungrateful problem child. This information was false, it was made up by Mrs. Reed to speed up the process of getting Jane excepted to Lowood. There was one teacher, Miss Temple that saw through the lies. Miss Temple took Jane under her care, and proved to the rest of the staff that Jane was a good child. Jane and the other children went through very hard times at Lowood. There were many nights they went to...