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Super Hero of the Twentieth Century

During the reconstruction period, America lacked direction in rebuilding

the nation. Without proper financial guidance, companies and industries were unable to

compete at high market levels between other countries across the world. Junius Spencer

Morgan was a man who focused on building financial structures and to obtain all possible

financial power in the world. His guidance and achievements helped revolutionize

financial crises into a dominant world financial leader. Morgan impacted the

American culture by introducing a new method of managing business. Many business

men took his guidance into consideration and established corporations that helped the

country to become prosperous today.

Unlike most American families, Morgan was born into a wealthy family.

The wealthy family his father established made Morgans life easier than most American

boys. He was born on the 17th of April, 1837 in Hartford, Connecticut " J.S. Morgan &

Co. " ( Morgan ).

His father had established a banking firm that arranged British

investments in the United States. He exposed his son into the business world at a young

age, which made him very knowledgeable and successful in his adult life. His mother,

Juliet Spencer Morgan, had an unusual relationship with her son. The fortune had turned

his mother into self centered woman, she completely avoided her son as much as possible

( Strous Jean. Morgan34 ).The relationship never was able to build because of her

cantankerous behavior and the put downs she afflicted on her son through out his child


Morgans marriages never lasted due to his first wife's tragedy death.

His first wife, Amelia Sturges Morgan, opened new door for Morgan. In only four

months after their marriage, Amelia came down with tuberculoses and died ( Morgan,

American Financier ). In a few years he married again to...