Its about how we and christian think about ethics.

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Ethics and the Kingdom of God

The article "Ethics and the kingdom of God", written by C. Stephen Layman, talks about the ethics within theistic perspective in the world. Theistic perspective, as the authors' states, it is the Christian point of view on the morals in present life. It is how God is presented to us to make the good and wrong choices. The author says that God exist, but not in the real world. Even though, people know what is good and what is wrong by the theistic perspective, they still do it. They do it because God is not in the present life. As the author states, a person can't stop doing what is wrong, just because it is wrong. God exists, but literally he doesn't exist and guides us on what to do. He is giving us the chance on making our own opinion threw are daily acts.

In addition, by theistic perspective, the author says that humans have life after death, that we still be alive in the other world. Even though we might not exist in the world, we will the other world. Although, there are some people in the modern world that say there is no life after death, because they say that ones your dead, your out of the game. The reason is because there is no prove that there is literally an after life world, no one has proved that. There are many different kinds of people, but God can't banish them from the world just because they are different. God wants every human being into his kingdom, as the theistic perspective states it, even though they don't believe in him. What will happen if everyone was a Christian? People say if God exists, everybody would be Christian. Since, the world...