Its about radio broadcasting, how to host a radio talk.

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Radio Broadcasting

Key: SR = Studio Reporter (Lolita Lee)FR = Field Reporter (Linda Lam)H = Hercules

SR: Good evening ladies and gentlemen this is Lolita Lee with the 7 o?clock ABC news.

Later tonight, an interview with Hercules, the hero with strength of 10 men. We talk to him about his toughest of all missions, his journey to the Underworld.

But first tonight, a young woman was killed by the river earlier this evening.

Euridice, aged 23, was bitten by a snake while running near by the river. It is believed she trod on a cobra snake, which bit her on the leg.

We cross now to our filed reporter Linda Lam for more details.

FR: Thanks Lolita, I?m standing by the river at the site of Euridice?s tragic death earlier this evening. As you can probably hear, there are quite a large number of people from the town at the scene.

The body has been taken away and police investigations are taking place.

About 10 minutes ago I spoke to a man called Cunet best known as the beekeeper, who was a witness to Euridice?s death.

He said that he was walking along the river when he saw Euridice sitting on a chair by the river. When he walked up to her to say hello she suddenly jumped off the chair and ran off without looking where she was going. Unfortunately, he said, she trod on a Cobra. The creature reared up and bit her on the leg. Within a few minutes she was dead.

I also spoke to some people who were by the river when the accident occurred. Tow senior citizens said that Euridice was sitting on one of the benches by the river when him, the said pointing at Cunet the beekeeper, crept...