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These days Intranets are becoming more and more popular throughout the business world and other types of organizations. Many companies and organizations are already making this change and many more are considering it. The advantages offered by Intranets when compared to other types of networks are many, at a reduced cost for the owner. Less maintenance, less programming and more flexibility on the network platform make this change interesting. Unlike other types of networks, Intranets allow different types of machines and operating systems already at hand to be operating on the same network platform. This reduces the cost when trying to implement this type of network because the machines and operating systems already at hand can still be used throughout the network without conflicting with one another. Quick access and easy programming is also another consideration that is made when considering this type of network.

Intranets have just started to be implemented throughout the world and already a big change is being noticed.

Companies are keeping track of all of their important information on web sites, which are restricted to users, unless they have the security code to access them. Thanks to Internet technology, companies and other types of organizations are able to keep all of their information organized and easily accessible with a click of a button.

The Internet, how has it changed the world around us? Government, education, business is all wrapping around it. Is this because of all of the information on it, simplicity or is it the quickness, with a simple point and click and the information appears on the screen.

The first intention of the Web, as it is referred to, was not to create a sea of web servers and surfers. The Department of Defense created it for it's own use, to keep...