Internets Effect on society.

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The article entitled "The internet's effect on society" by the BBC supported site H2G2 is a brief overview of the various areas of the internet. I think the author wrote this text to offer a brief overview of the internet to people who have never used or are too scared to try it.

The article is an objective view of the internet, showing both sides of Age discrimination on the internet, the shift in Power, the economic results of online shopping and working from home, as well as explaining delicate issues like pornography and racism. While it is objective, the article is totally supportive of the internet, saying that if anything tragic happens it will be society's fault, how the internet affects us depends on how society uses the internet.

The author of the article totally encourages anonymity on the internet because he thinks it destroys the age-discrimination currently implemented in our society, but while suggesting this he doesn't explain that this anonymity encourages the lower end of society to come out and promote their dirty ways like racism, child pornography and neo-Nazism.

In the section entitled "Balance of Power" the author is trying to explain that the power hierarchy is nothing like the one in the real world - people from lower classes can socialize with upper classes and vice versa. He even claims that the hierarchy is inverted, where the "popular group" is at the bottom and the "nerds" run things because they have the knowledge to do it. T is no surprise that they have this power because it is this group that invented, designed, built and improved the internet, until it was friendly enough to be used by the rest of society.

In the section titled "Online shopping" the author explains how it is...