Intelligence: A discriminating Circular Search for Sameness.

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Kelly McKerrow, a former elementary school principal who is now a associate professor in the Department of Educational Administration and Higher education at Southern Illinois University at Carbondale wrote this article in hopes that she could show how much of a detrimental impact that the traditional conceptions of intelligence, based on IQ testing have on minorities and women in today's society. Although she does agree that the research on Intelligence testing has been very rich, it is very negative towards minorities and all women, and that too much of this research is based on statistical evidence related to the bell curve.

What McKerrow believes to be the first problem is the fact that researchers thought that the IQ tests could measure every aspect of intelligence. With the data collected from those tests they also believed that they could now explain and change the problems associated with social problems and policy.

One major problem associated with these assumptions is the discrimination of gender and race that are involved in these tests. McKerrow begins to criticize the research of Herrnstein and Murray because of their claim that IQ testing and scores on those test lead to the explanation of why some cultures are genetically inferior because they as a group would score lower on such test. It all began when the army had its Alpha test in the 1920's, which were administered to two million men. The results of this test were then used to make assumptions on social policy for the society as a whole. One problem, the test were extremely biased in that only young men were given the test which then was used to represent an entire society. Now, eighty some years later, she claims the same such instances still occur because researchers are extremely biased in their research...