Insanity. Discusses how Louis Tanner of "Destroying Angel" and Rick Deckard of "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep" by Philip K. Dick are important to the thematic development.

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How would you feel if you found out you where making love to

any android? Shocked l hope. In this essay l will discuss how

Louis Tanner of Destroying Angel and Rick Deckard of Do Androids

Dream of Electric Sheep are important to the thematic development

of 'moral men in immoral worlds' and body mind invasion.

Is Tanner a moral man in an immoral world? What is considered

moral or immoral? We know from reading Destroying Angel that

Tanner is a good person. Tanner is the type of person whom we say

would 'do the right thing' in certain situations. He's honest and

honorable. If Tanner makes a promise, he keeps it. He made an

agreement with Rattan, where Rattan would be shipped to New Hong

Kong illegally in return for the name of the chain killer. Rattan

is a drug dealer with a lot of money to waste. He's also the only

person with the information to catch the chain killer.

To get

justice the moral must cooperate with the immoral. We also know

that Tanner is not a womanizer. He had his chance with Hannah but

did not take advantage of the situation: 'No Hannah'(136). Tanner

had more worrisome thoughts than making love to a good friend. He

wanted the murderer of all murderers, the chain killer. As a cop

he never captured the chain killer. This person fused chains to

people's bodies and then threw them into the water. For Tanner

who was now a retired cop, it was as if a spark lit up in him.

All the old memories fled back into his mind. The nightmare of

his partner getting shot on a 'drug bust gone'(13) wrong began to

replay in his mind. He had a conscience; therefore, he could

never forget what was done...