Illegal Drug Use Contributes to an Increase in Crime and Violence.

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Topic: Illegal Drug Use Contributes To An Increase In Crime And Violence.

The use of illegal substances is an issue of growing concern worldwide. Not only are these narcotics and stimulants illegal, but also they cause detrimental effects on the user, as well as society as a whole. Illegal drugs deteriorate the user's brain cells and causes people to do things against their better judgment. Crime and violence may also be associated with drug use, and there are various reasons for this conclusion.

Firstly, illegal drugs are extremely addictive, and once addicted, the consumer is crazily dependent upon the substance. More often than not, the addict is not financially capable of supporting a drug habit. With him having to obtain these drugs however, he is willing to do anything to obtain these drugs. This often results in the abuser committing law infractions such as theft, armed robbery, or even murder in order to obtain the cash they need to purchase drugs.

Drug use also causes people to become disillusioned and crazed. The addict may return home after consuming illegal substances and he/she is so controlled by the narcotics, that they commit violent acts under the influence. This not only leads to domestic violence and a breakdown in the family, but it also includes gang-related violence, if groups of individuals take drugs together. They conspire and then roam the streets in search of trouble; attacking persons, breaking into homes and even gun shootings.

Sharing drug needles can cause the transmission of the deadly, incurable AIDS virus. Many addicts are extremely outraged when they learn that they have contracted this killer disease, and begin a domino effect of revenge, crime and violence. Crimes such as rape and assault may result when victims of the virus go out into the world with...