What if the Sun Exploded?

Essay by yankee842 November 2003

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What If The Sun Exploded?

If the sun exploded the world would end and all its inhabitants would diminish entirely. Because of two logical reasons/theories: radiation poisoning from coming in contact with its harmful rays or just lack of the sun and what that entails.

Theory 1: If the sun exploded fiery masses of gas would rain down on earth with the thunder of death approaching slowly with every massacre. No one could escape the skyward eruption of the detonated volcano; life on planet earth would come to an end. Planet Earth would be burnt to a crisp if not completely destroyed down to the core. If still in existence however it would evolve into perhaps if small one of Mars or Venus's moons but if size and shape is still intact it would just become one of the 9 lifeless planets in our solar system. Earth would become so poisonous that life would and could no longer exist on its surface humans and all other creatures could not breathe its lethal air.

The seas would become dry as the Sahara dessert and so vast you wouldn't live to walk from its beginning to end where not even a camel could survive. Our wonderful, beautifully crafted earth could possibly become nothing but floating particles of dust all intelligence would be lost forever.

Theory 2: This next theory is more complex than the first and maybe more likely to happen but either way human life would suddenly be wiped out from the face of the earth we would certainly be no more. However my second conclusion details a lengthy time of suffering before the fatal end and earth would most likely still exist some where in the universe. For if the sun really exploded it would probably be to far away...