Identify the best strategy in learning how to write in English in your situation being a Cantonese speaker.

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In today's modern world, our thinking is largely transmitted by speech through radio and television. As the world now undergoes through the process of globalization, English has become the international language. Thus, although as a Cantonese speaker, we ought to be trained for competent English writing skill in order to compete in this globe village. University requires us to present our critical thinking through writing helps to achieve such goal to conduct reports, communicate with the people, write papers for publication, and perform any number of other important activities that your job will require. Therefore, writing is a very important element for us to be successful in school, and even in our future professional field.

Every teacher would have emphasized how sufficient writing skills is essential to our lives; however, English is a complicated language with various confusing grammar rules; therefore, foreigners face a great task to learn English well.

In order for a Cantonese speaker to write good English, he must have good general knowledge of English by taking the first step into an English-as-Second-Language class to learn from the basics.

Being a Cantonese speaker, which Cantonese as his first language, writing English itself might be more difficult than writing in Chinese. Same situation occurs to other non-native English speaker. It is because English, as his second language, which could not be as naturally used as it would for Cantonese. One important reason is that often times when a Chinese speaker tries to write something in English, he usually comes up with pieces of thought in Chinese first, and then when he has the whole idea on his mind or drawn on a piece of paper that is in Chinese, he then starts translating it into English, which has a total difference in sentence structure and language format...