Human Resource Management.

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Kelly Services, Inc. is a Fortune 500 company headquartered in Troy, Mich., offering human resources solutions that include temporary services, staff leasing, outsourcing, vendor on-site and full-time placement. There are more than 2,400 company owned and operated offices in 26 countries, Kelly provides to its customers nearly 700,000 employees annually, with skills including office services, accounting, engineering, information technology, law, science, marketing, light industrial, education and health care.

The primary focus of this paper will be on the benefits (tangible and non-tangible) provided to Kelly associates and how these benefits are aligned with the company's mission of providing quality services externally and internally.


Kelly Services, Inc. ("Kelly" or the "Company"), a successor to the business established by William R. Kelly in 1946, was founded as a temporary staffing company, the company has been engaged in providing staffing services to customers in a variety of industries throughout a 56-year history.

Kelly operates 2,400 company-owned offices, both stand-alone and customer on-site, in 26 countries throughout the world. Each office provides a specific mix of services from one or more of the divisions and subsidiaries, according to market demand. Kelly's serve a cross-section of customers from industry, commerce, government, and various professions. The clients of Kelly's include some of the largest corporations in the world and successful niche businesses.

Strategic growth and global expansion have marked Kelly's history. This growth into new geographic areas, as well as business and service lines, has been achieved through both internally developed start-up operations and outside acquisitions of existing companies. In 2001, Kelly formed BTI Consultants Hong Kong, Ltd., which expanded staffing services in Asia and the Pacific Rim. During 2000, Kelly's completed three major acquisitions which further increased domestic and international reach.

Over the years, Kelly has developed a number of...