"Is Howard Dean right for President?" A fact paper, with no personal opinion. My version of, "You decide, 2004."

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Dean Is Ultra-Liberal on Civil Unions

Governor Dean "Supported and Signed" a law requiring the state of Vermont to formally recognize same-sex civil unions. If elected president, Dean would honor civil unions as a matter of national policy. "As president of the United States, I will recognize civil unions, which will then allow full equality under the law as far as the federal government is concerned" Dean said in a speech to the National Lesbian and Gay Journalists Association convention in Philadelphia.

Health Care and Taxes

The centerpiece of Governor Dean's presidential platform is budget-busting universal health care. Dean said he would repeal most of President Bush's tax cuts in order to fund his national health insurance program. "Dean not only advocates universal health insurance but also tells audiences that Vermont already has moved in that direction.... How to pay for this? Simple, says Dean. Roll back virtually all of President Bush's tax cut of 2001.

(The Washington Post, July 12, 2002)

During eleven years as governor of Vermont, Dean enacted only one limited tax reduction and opposed cutting taxes when the state was running a large surplus.

Dean also supported repealing tax cuts that benefit working-class Americans. When asked whether he would repeal tax relief even for low and moderate income taxpayers, Dean Responded, "[s]ure, because no middle class and working class people that I know noticed they got a tax cut." (CNN's "Capital Gang" October 5, 2002)

Budget Policy

Dean reduced the General Fund's required contribution to the Education Fund by $9.3 million. He shifted $9.2 million from the tobacco settlement fund, $6.4 million from the Transportation Fund and $2.1 million from elsewhere to claim a year-end surplus projection of $80,000. He drastically reduced payments to doctors, hospitals, and other caregivers to make up the shortfall in the...