Holden Caulfield 's "Catcher in the Rye"

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The Catcher in the Rye, starts off with the main character, Holden Caulfield being expelled from school once again. Holden is a sixteen year old boy who has been expelled on numerous occasions from other schools. This time he is being expelled from Pency Prep. Before Holden goes home to his parents, he plans to spend a few days in New York. His parents do not know of the expulsion, so he spends the weekend in a hotel. Holden is a pretty strange kid who can always find a way to get himself into trouble. Holden constantly talks about how he hates phony people and phony words. He complains of how the head master Thurman of Pency Prep is a phony person. Holden says he is the kind of guy who will treat you bad, but will act polite and nice to your parents when they visit. Holden basically decides that almost everyone he meets in his life is a phony.

He even gets disgusted with the advertisement for Pency Prep. The picture of the horse jumping over a fence is a false image in his opinion. He says that he has never even seen a horse on the campus. Holden is also very curious. Of all things, he wonders where the ducks go when the pond freezes over in the park. He loves his red hunting cap that he bought for a dollar. The cap serves as his way to be an individual. Stradtler is his roommate and they are fairly good friends. Stradtler is two years older than him so he is always going out on dates and has to listen to Holden question him. One time Stradtler goes out with one of Holden $BCT (J long time friends, Jane Gallagher, and he has to listen to...