HK youth suicide problem.

Essay by kingshan November 2003

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Third, teenagers in Hong Kong nowadays are both physically and mentally more premature than the past. With also the influence of mass media like soap operas, teenagers have high but inappropriate expectations towards love matter. They just pay too much attention to the relationship between themselves and their dates. When their dates leave them, they would have the feeling of being rejected, or blame it on themselves. They believe that their loved ones are everything to them, and losing them means losing the whole world. When one has no more hopes towards the world, it is likely that he will take his own life.

Besides boy-and-girl relationships, there are other kinds of relationships which increase the stress in teenagers. Eyeman (1987) had listed the most common stressors of teenage suicide attempters related to relationships: troubles with schoolmates - cannot get along well with their schoolmates, or are bullied by others at school.

Trouble with teachers - cannot achieve the expectations of teachers, or disappoint teachers with failing grades. Loss of friends - either having conflicts and arguments with their friends or their friends change to other schools. If our youth cannot deal with the conflicts successfully, they may be annoyed by the stress and attempt to turn to suicide.

This leads to a question in my mind: it seems that many teenagers in Hong Kong face these kinds of stressors. Why can some still live healthily but some choose to escape from stress a change of role in growing up from children to adolescent. They started to be given a certain power and control from parents, schools and the society as a pre-adult. Some may be confused of how to do the best with their roles. If they cannot adapt to the new roles, they may easily have low self-esteem...