How heroes of today's society relate to the Mycenaean and Greek Heroes, and it also develops the characteristics of how they thought of heroes..

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Heroes can be found in many different forms, and have many different characteristics. The Heroes of a certain time reflect the culture of the people and age.

In today's society, a hero has many characteristics. The first characteristic a hero should have has to do with morals. If a hero lies, cheats or steals, they should not be looked up to, because they have bad characteristic traits. Of course, everyone makes mistakes, so a few mistakes should be present, because no one is perfect, not even heroes. The next trait a hero should have is the giving trait. If a hero in doesn't give and serve, then isn't that being a bit selfish? The last trait a hero of today should have is the nurturing trait. If a hero doesn't be polite and speak kind words, what separates him or her from a common person with no self-esteem? These traits are important characteristics to have if a person wants to be a hero in today's society.

To be a hero in the Mycenaean culture, you had to be a man of self-discipline, know war tactics, be cunning, strong, and decisive. A king ruled the Mycenaeans, and they were pirates and raiders. A good hero knew when to talk and when not to, also when to fight and when not to, thus showing self-discipline. A good hero had to know war tactics and be cunning, just like in the story about the Trojan horse. If the Greeks' heroes hadn't come up with the Trojan horse, which was a cunning idea, and hid men in it, history as we know it might be different. If the hero hadn't come up with the idea to use the horse as a gift, a stunning war tactic, the Greeks would not have won...