Hair Style as a Sign, speaks of the importance of style and appearance in the business society

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In a thirty story building located in the high-class section of New York City, a multi-million dollar security hedge fund has an office suite. In this office on Park Avenue, I spent my past two summers working for the company ********. I obtained an interview through a referral, and the job was offered to me on the spot. My responsibilities included controlling all aspects of their computer operations. One day last summer, I was notified a new employee would start the next day. The following day I woke up for a usual day at the office. I showered, shaved, and got dressed in my appropriate attire: sports jacket, white button down shirt, tie, khaki pants, and loafer shoes. I commuted into the city and proceeded to the office. I entered the building and gave my name and destination (Suite 801) as usual. After being directed towards a specific elevator, I traveled to the eighth floor, and sat at my desk.

An hour later, my boss introduced me to the new stock analyst, Jonathan. He was dressed in a gray suit with a plain tie and nice shoes. He had long reddish hair that look like he did not comb it after waking up. Jonathan was given a series of standard instructions from my boss, but there was one last instruction that stuck in my mind, '... and by the way, get a haircut.' This really shocked me at first. Why would an employer concern himself with an employee's hair style? The more I thought about it, the more I realized that a person's hair style is a sign of the business world culture.

Many things are distinctive about a business environment. Looking back at this event and all of my experiences at this job, each detail contributes to...