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What are some advantages for the U.S?

oIn area, the U.S is the 4th largest nation in the world.

oU.S ranges from the Arctic (Alaska) to the Tropics (Hawaii)

oU.S is a major producer of oil, natural gas, coal, and other minerals needed in modern industries

oU.S has a relatively low pop. Density

oU.S has also benefited from sharing borders with relatively friendly neighbors (Canada and Mexico)

oU.S is protected somewhat by 2 large oceans (Atlantic and Pacific) on either side which also allowed for trade

oLong coastlines and deep harbors allow for ships to load and unload their cargoes easily

What are some of the key physical features in the U.S?

oMountain ranges

1.The Appalachians (stretch from Georgia and Alabama into Canada)

2.The Rockies (New Mexico, Utah, Wyoming, Idaho, and Montana)

3.Sierra Nevada (eastern Cal.)

4.Cascade (Oregon and Washington)

5.Brooks (northern Alaska)

oPlains: Great Plains and the central Plains are located in the Midwest and are large areas of level land

oMajor Water Features:

1.The Great Lakes (Lake Michigan, Lake Erie, Lake Huron, Lake Ontario, and Lake superior)

2.The St. Lawrence River which empties the Great Lakes into the Atlantic Ocean

3.The Erie Canal (1825) connects Lake Erie to the Hudson River, providing the Midwest with a water trade route to N.Y.C

4.The Mississippi River which served as a means of transport for both Native Americans and for European explorers into the interior of N. America

oExtensive Coastlines: allowed for important water trade and fishing industries to develop

oHawaii, an archipelago, also developed similar industries

oMineral Resources: non-renewable resources

1.Iron: main ingredient of steel

2.Copper: a good conductor of electricity

3.Aluminum: a good conductor and a substitute for steel in automobiles

oEnergy Resources:

1. Coal, petroleum, and...