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Ulysses S. Grant was a heroic figure for many reasons. He was a great leader of the Union forces during the Civil War. He won many battles and held the Union together. His presidential years also had positive outcomes of the future of the United States.

Grant's life was a long and interesting one. He was born at Point Pleasant, OH on April 27, 1822 (World Book CD-ROM, 1995). He was the son of Hannah Simpson and Jesse Grant (World Book CD-ROM, 1995). After he got out of school he went to West Point Military Academy and graduated 21st in his class of 39 in 1843 (Encarta, 1995). After graduating West Point he then was promoted to the Army. Grant was assigned to Jefferson Barracks, MO (World Book CD-ROM, 1995). There he met Julia Dent and married a few months later (Encarta, 1995). They had a family of four children and moved to St.

Louis. Grant built a cabin named Hardscrabble on his farm now known as Grant's Farm in Grantwood, St. Louis. Ulysses S. Grant died on July 23, 1885 after battling throat cancer for several months (World Book CD-ROM, 1995). His wife Julia Grant died in 1902 and was buried with Ulysses S. Grant at the Grant National Memorial in New York City (World Book CD-ROM, 1995).

Being stationed at Jefferson Barracks, MO marked his leadership and career in the Army and his role he played in the Civil War. In 1854 Grant

resigned from the army and moved to his cabin with his family. Disaster struck

and the price of crops dropped dramatically. Grant's farm was mainly crops and

he lost all his crops in the price change and lost tons of money (Encarta, 1995). Since no one was buying crops there wasn't anymore income for his...